Agricultural Management

We live in remarkable times.  Most of us experience a standard of living,
healthcare, and a diverse and safe food supply that would have been inconceivable to our parents and grandparents.  Even as we continue to increase our food supply, our industry must carefully consider the health, ecological, and environmental consequences of each crop protection decision we make.

Agricultural project management is the process that assures every aspect of product development is evaluated and actions taken to minimize both time and cost in bringing a product to the marketplace.


LANDIS integrates traditional project management skills, tools, and techniques with strategic analysis, regulatory negotiating expertise, and quality control.  This assures that not only the required safety, ecological, and environmental studies are successfully completed, but that the entire project is completed on-time and on-budget.


LANDIS allows you to view or download the Development of an Agricultural Chemical in the U.S. flowchart!

Agricultural Chemical Development Cycle


Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or download the flowchart.