Crystal Layton

Crystal Layton joined Landis International, Inc. in 2007.  She began her career at Landis as a Research Assistant and became a Regulatory Product Manager in 2012. As a Regulatory Product Manager she manages and maintains technical and end-use pesticide product registrations. In her time at Landis, she has had the opportunity to work with numerous foreign and domestic clients on many different projects and types of products.  Crystal has experience in working with and registering conventional pesticides, biopesticides and antimicrobial pesticides.

In registering and maintaining pesticide products, Crystal’s experience includes writing food use inert ingredient tolerance petitions, writing nonfood inert ingredient requests, writing biochemical classification documents, writing reduced risk petitions and presentations, writing tolerance petitions, preparing reregistration eligibility decision (registration review) data call-in packages, sub-registrations, research in support of regulatory activities, consulting with the EPA to support regulatory activities, report writing, writing and amending pesticide labels, laboratory study management for clients, registration amendments, registration transfers, formatting data submissions to the EPA, AgrianTM  database, electronic submissions, USDA-NOP/EPA pesticide petitions and registrations, OMRI registration and maintenance, child resistant packaging certification, 6(a)(2) Adverse Effect Reporting, and State pesticide registration support. Most of her experience is with registering products with EPA, but Crystal also has experience with PMRA registration and other international registration support. In addition to regulatory, she also supports the efforts of the research group as needed in protocol reviews, assist in study preparation, study conduct, and field notebook reviews.

Crystal received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Valdosta State University.

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