Gail Theall Arce, PhD

GailGail has over 35 years experience in toxicology and agricultural product registration.  She managed the US regulatory group in the 1990’s during the major EPA push for reregistration and following the passage of FQPA.  Her major field of expertise is toxicology.  With a strong background in molecular biology, her strength is in determining the mechanistic causes of toxicity and its relationship to human health.  She has extensive experience in cancer risk assessment beginning in the 1970’s when the Agency started moving to multistage cancer modeling for regulation of pesticides.

Gail received her PhD from Yale in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and completed postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Colorado, New York University and Columbia University’s Institute of Cancer Research at the College of Physicians and Surgeons.  She has published extensively in the fields of carcinogenesis and mutagenesis.

Gail has been instrumental in defending older chemistry.  She was a driving force in saving EBDC’s in the US when at DuPont and then Elf Atochem (Cerexagri, UPI).  While manager of regulatory affairs at Atochem, she defended 5 chemicals in Special Review and reregistered 8 chemicals under what was then called FIFRA ‘88 (or FIFRA Light).   She became an expert in identifying data gaps and study defects in order to provide complete and successful data packages for EPA.

Her work with Landis International focuses on study defense and study management in the fields of mammalian and ecological toxicology, evaluation of data packages for EPA acceptability and completeness, dietary risk assessment issues, dossier preparation and general scientific issue document preparation.