Kevin J. Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney joined Landis International in early 2016 in the role of Vice President, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs where he develops technical and regulatory strategies for EPA pesticide registration. He advises, supports and assists registrants during all phases of pesticide product development and registration. As a team member he works cooperatively to negotiate data requirements and manage regulatory studies. Kevin’s technical expertise is in entomology, vector control, urban pest management, as well as insecticide testing and evaluation.  He is a member of the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee, CropLife America’s Registration Committee and the Vector Control Working Group at Rollback Malaria. His accomplishments include 35 publications, over 200 presentations, and regulatory/technical guidance for pesticide registration and testing.

Before coming to Landis International Kevin was a Senior Entomologist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Pesticide Programs for nearly 19 years where he focused on technical and regulatory issues important to pesticide registration, evaluation, and labeling.   His work in this area included registration of new agricultural chemicals, termiticides, repellents, and bed bug toxicants.  He led and managed national and international projects on efficacy testing and evaluation, urban pests and health, repellents, and performance standards. He has made frequent presentations to the EPA Human Studies Review Board (HSRB) since 2006.  He also served as EPA Liaison to the Armed Forces Pest Management Board.

National projects have included development of pesticide policy and efficacy testing guidance for public health and structural pest control products.  Of significance was his work on policies and plans for the U.S. response to the West Nile Virus, Pesticide Registration (PR) Notices on Public Health Pests (2002-1) and Mosquito Adulticides (2005-1), together with EPA efficacy testing guidelines on Skin Applied Insect Repellents (810.3700), Termite Baits (810.3800) and the Draft 810.3900 for Bed Bug Products.  In 2013 he led EPA efforts during the Scientific Advisory Panel on “Scientific Issues Concerning the Draft Product Performance Data Needs Assessment for Products Claiming Efficacy against Invertebrate Pests” that outlined approaches to efficacy data development and standards for registration of public health and structural pest control products

At the international level, he was a project manager for the World Health Organization (WHO) at the European Centre for Environment and Health in Bonn, Germany from 2004-2005, where he led the urban pests and health project to produce the WHO-EURO book entitled “The Public Health Significance of Urban Pests”.  More recently Mr. Sweeney served as a Technical Advisor to the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES) in workgroups responsible for producing test guidelines on: “Mosquito Repellents for Human Skin”; “Indoor and Outdoor Ground-Applied Space Spray Applications”; and “Household Insecticide Products – Mosquito Coils, Vaporizer Mats, Liquid Vaporizers, Ambient Emanators and Aerosols.”  He also served as an advisor and rapporteur for the WHO Global Collaboration for Development of Pesticides for Public Health, which led to the WHO/FAO publication “Guidelines for Registration of Pesticides” in 2010.  His work with the United Nations Environment Program has focused on the Stockholm Convention’s “Business Plan to Promote a Global Partnership for Developing Alternatives to DDT”.  Mr. Sweeney was important to the organization of the International Public Health Pesticides Workshops in London and Geneva and contributed to recent OECD insecticide test guidance on cockroach baits and ants.

Before EPA, Mr. Sweeney was a medical entomologist for 13 years with the State of Maryland working in operational vector control, vector-borne disease surveillance, mosquito rearing, and insecticide susceptibility testing and resistance detection.  He received his M.S. in entomology from the University of Delaware and undergraduate degree in biology from SUNY-University at Buffalo.