Layla Crawford, Ph.D.

Dr. Crawford is Field Study Director, Assistant Radiation Safety Officer, and Plant Pathologist for Landis International, Inc.  She earned her Ph.D. degree in Plant Pathology from the University of Georgia and received her B.S. in Biology from Georgia Southern University. Dr. Crawford grew up on and now manages her family farm and pecan orchard in Bulloch County, Georgia and has 20+ years of experience in agricultural research.  She has designed, managed, and conducted field and greenhouse research studies on a wide variety of foliar and soil-borne fungal diseases of agricultural and ornamental crops.  She also has experience in crop maintenance, sampling, disease scouting, fungicide evaluations, statistical analysis, and report writing.  Dr. Crawford is an active member in the American Phytopathological Society, the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants, and the American Horticultural Society.

Dr. Crawford joined Landis International in April 2007 after spending a 2-year post-doctoral appointment at the University of Georgia as the coordinator of monitoring and research of Asian soybean rust for the state of Georgia.  During her tenure there, she also served as a liaison between Georgia, other research institutions, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture for this project.  From 2005 to 2007, Dr. Crawford also chaired the committee that developed the protocol currently used in the United States for monitoring Asian soybean rust.

Dr. Crawford is the contact person for fungicide development, radio-label studies, and genetically modified crop studies at Landis International.  She also conducts and/or manages product efficacy, crop residue, environmental fate, non-target organism (particularly non-target plants), and re-entry studies within the United States and abroad.  Her responsibilities include full study management for in-life and analytical phases and includes writing protocols, analyzing and managing data and preparing final reports that follow EPA and OECD guidelines.  Dr. Crawford has managed crop residue import tolerance studies in Canada as well.  In addition to Landis International’s research management services, Dr. Crawford has the capabilities to conduct laboratory in vitro fungicide efficacy/sensitivity screening, and field and greenhouse fungicide efficacy trials on many crops and ornamentals either in-house or off-site.  In the last couple of years, she has also been involved in the review of studies already conducted and the preparation of Tier II summaries and other summary documents for EPA submission.

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