Lisa Ayn Setliff


Lisa Ayn Setliff joined Landis in 2005 and has served as Research Assistant, Manager, Director and now Vice President of Regulatory Affairs.  She is a results-oriented leader with a M.S. in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. Ms. Setliff’s primary strengths lie in a broad range of regulatory science disciplines, leadership of regulatory teams, and strategic scientific and administrative solutions to difficult challenges in the regulatory arena.

Prior to joining Landis, Ms. Setliff worked at Cambrex, a biotechnology company in Walkersville, MD, as a Senior Research Assistant. While at Cambrex, Ms. Setliff worked closely with the FDA and conducted research which was vital for the development of pharmaceutical agents. Prior to Cambrex, she worked at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in a glaucoma laboratory performing neurobiology research for 10 years and successfully secured millions of dollars of NIH (National Institute of Health) grants for research and published several peer-reviewed journal articles.

In her 11-year tenure at Landis, Ms. Setliff has developed successful registration packages for new and existing chemicals for a broad range of clients, reduced risk petitions, risk assessments necessary for EPA registration, in-depth science documentation to achieve reassessment of tolerances and tolerance exemptions, inert ingredient petitions, reregistration packages, OECD dossiers and registration packages for new end use products. Ms. Setliff acts as a study monitor for laboratory studies and as a product manager for various chemicals. Ms. Setliff has also assisted clients with a partnership with IR-4 in order to achieve registration of minor use crops. Upon client request, Ms. Setliff works as a liaison between registrants and their marketing partners.

Some of Ms. Setliff’s greatest achievements at Landis have been securing reduced risk status for multiple active ingredients and successfully leading two new active ingredients through the global joint review process. In the registration of these two new active ingredients, Ms. Setliff developed excellent working relationships with both the regulatory authorities (EPA, PMRA, APVMA, and CRD) and the clients.

Ms. Setliff has an office in North Carolina; therefore she can easily attend meetings in RTP and at the EPA.

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