Timothy A. Joseph

Timothy A Joseph joined Landis in 2014 as a Senior Project Manager, bringing with him 23 years’ experience in pesticide science.  He has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Connecticut College and a M.S in analytical chemistry from Duke University.  He has a proven ability to understand the science in the context of regulatory requirements.

Mr. Joseph has experience in method development and residue analysis for crop, animal, soil, and water samples.  He has been a residue chemistry team leader and study director on crop and livestock magnitude of the residue, terrestrial field dissipation and compost residue studies.  He was involved in the earliest stages of risk assessment under FQPA, working on and developing early dietary exposure and livestock transfer models.  Most recently he has become an expert on operator, worker, and nondietary residential exposure and risk assessment and has experience with environmental and ecological risk assessments.

As a representative to the Agricutural Handlers Exposure Task Force, Agricultural Re-entry Task Force, and Outdoor Residential Exposure Task Force, Mr. Joseph has extensive experience with industry working groups. As a task force officer and executive committee member he has had significant opportunity to develop relationships with EPA, PMRA and CDPR.  He also has experience with the regulatory environment in Brazil through assistance in the development of occupational risk assessment data and models there.

Since joining Landis International, Mr. Joseph has been involved with multiple CLA committees including the Pollinator Issues Management Team, Endangered Species issue Management Team, the Environmental Risk Assessment Committee and the EcoTox Working Group.  He is managing both a number of projects in the registration and reregistration arenas.

Mr. Joseph has an office in North Carolina providing easy access for meetings in RTP and at the EPA.